Elimination Diet 101
About Me

I’m so happy that you discovered the Elimination Diet and are ready to give it a try, and I’m even happier that you found my book.  Why?  Because I wrote it for you!  I know firsthand that new journeys - particularly this one - can seem overwhelming at first, and I want to support you and reassure you that you can do this!

I am a passionate home chef, organic vegetable gardener, mom, and Graduate Education Analyst working remotely for the University of Washington in Seattle, WA but now live in Mountain View, CA.  I was fortunate enough to learn how to cook under the watchful culinary eye of my Italian neighbors while living in Naples, Italy for 2 years during my husband Mike’s military service.  Since then, I’ve really grown to appreciate and advocate for the beauty and value of simple, quick recipes utilizing fresh produce and quality ingredients.

More importantly, I’ve been where you are.  I was frustrated with my health and knew that something wasn’t quite right, but I didn’t know exactly what.  I just knew that I wanted to feel better.

I was poked, examined, x-rayed, and CT-scanned to exhaustion by multiple doctors of various specialties, only to be told that there was nothing physically wrong with me except for a possible case of psoriasis.  I trusted my doctors, but I knew deep down that they were wrong.  I wasn’t sure where to go next or what else to do, and I thought I had exhausted all of my options.

Then a good friend recommended that I visit a naturopathic doctor (ND) for a more holistic approach, and that ND recommended that I do the Elimination Diet to see if food sensitivities might be causing my symptoms.  My first reaction was total surprise - it had never occurred to me, nor been suggested to me by my other doctors, that food (?!) might be the problem.  My second reaction was mild devastation - I love cooking (and eating) food!  My third reaction was panic – without wheat, dairy, eggs, soy and the like, what exactly would I be able to eat?   Would my family be willing to eat (and not eat!) the same food as me, or would I have to cook two separate meals every evening?  Can I actually do the Elimination Diet?, I asked myself.

The big problem with the Elimination Diet, I soon discovered, is that there weren’t a lot of resources to guide me through the process.  Certainly, one needs the list of foods to include and exclude, but where the stuff that I really needed to have a successful experience – where were the suggested recipes and helpful hints about how to do all this while still feeding my family, working full-time, and trying to enjoy a social life that wasn’t isolated from food?  The hard part isn’t cutting out the foods you can’t eat, it’s knowing the foods you can eat and how to prepare delicious and easy meals that make you forget you’re even doing the Elimination Diet!

Luckily for me though, I love to cook and was able to tweak many of my existing recipes to meet the Elimination Diet protocol and easily sail through the process.  I was even able to convince Mike to do it with me since the food was so delicious.  After weeks of carefully eliminating and then adding foods back, I was surprised to learn that I have a wheat sensitivity.  Of course, looking back over the past few years it all makes sense, but hindsight is 20/20!  I got back to my normal life (just minus bread) and months later - surprise, surprise - my psoriasis cleared up completely.  The Elimination Diet worked!

The Elimination Diet 101 cookbook began writing itself long before I knew I was going to write it.  As friends and co-workers who learned of my experience began asking questions and wanting to try the diet, I began bundling recipes and jotting down practical advice to share with them.  Four years later, I’m still providing advice and menu support to friends and family also doing the Elimination Diet - a service I truly enjoy and which inspired this book! 

I’ve been where you are right now.  I was nervous about committing to the Elimination Diet, I was worried about my quality of life during the process, and I was baffled by what I was going to eat.  I won’t lie, it was difficult - but only because I didn’t have the information, tools, and recipes I needed to meet those challenges.  I had to do my own research, develop my own recipes, and seek out guidance from those who had come before me.  In short, I didn’t have a resource like this book to help me. 

And that’s really why I’ve written Elimination Diet 101.  My greatest hope is that you too will have an easy, delicious, and successful Elimination Diet experience - the recipes I’ve developed and the lessons I’ve learned, all shared in this book, will help you do just that!

Want to share your own experience with the Elimination Diet 101 cookbook?  I’d love to hear your story!  Just email me at EliminationDiet101@gmail.com