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“Finding your hidden food sensitivities has never been so easy! With this book, Jen Lehner proves you don’t need to deprive yourself or eat strange foods when doing an elimination diet. Elimination Diet 101 is loaded with easy to make recipes and practical advice that will make you feel like you are completing the diet with a trusted friend who has been there before. I am happy to have this reference to offer my patients.”
  - Kelly Morrow, MS, RD
    Core Faculty, Nutrition Clinic Coordinator
    Bastyr Center for Natural Health

"Finally someone has taken the time to write a book on the allergy/elimination challenge diet. Many patients attempt this diet, only to not be able to finish because of inadequate resources and feeling it to be too cumbersome. Jennifer Lehner, from first hand experience, has not only made the diet easy, delicious, but affordable as well. With this book, the elimination diet has never been easier. I know I will recommend it to all my patients, even if it is just for the healthy recipes!"  - Dr. Todd A. Born, ND

"Stomach ache after stomach ache led me to try the elimination diet but I was worried about eating the same thing like chicken and rice everyday. This cookbook is a savior! We have only tried 3 recipes but loved them all! The curried shrimp and rice was outstanding. I'm looking forward to trying more recipes each day. Not one stomach ache since I began the elimination diet."    - Kellygirl (Amazon.com)

‘’This diet will challenge you. Fortunately Mrs. Lehner provided a variety of delicious recipes for both the elimination phase and for reintroducing items to your diet. I loved the use of fresh ingredients in her recipes. I was also led to try some gluten free and vegan recipes that I otherwise would not have tried. I'm not suffering at all!  In five weeks I've learned a lot about my relationship with food and how dependent I was upon items prepared outside the home. I recommend this book highly. You could journal your experience as I did, or use the handy printable charts provided.”     - Lydia F.

Elimination Diet 101 saved my sanity!  I had been struggling with IBS my whole life. Jennifer sets out a systematic way of eliminating foods from our diet and reintroducing them with delicious, exciting recipes. I learned so many new and wonderful recipes in this book. I have made these recipes for many people who love the foods cooked in new ways. I recommend this diet to everyone I know who suffers from digestive problems and even those who would just like some new recipes. Kudos to you, Jennifer for taking the time to create a plan with delicious straightforward recipes I can eat and enjoy with no after tummy ache! This diet changed my life! Thank you!:  - Cherith D.                    
“Loved this book I received this past Christmas; being just about fed up (no pun intended) with my hit and miss method of trying to figure out what foods were causing me so much discomfort for years, I was more than ready for the simple systematic method the book presents to arrive at the foods that are just not right for you. And the bonus is the many simple recipes the author presents that even I can understand, along with color photos of the finished dishes. I particularly enjoy the smoothies as a midday snack, and the grilled mahi-mahi with avocado melon salsa for dinner was a big hit with the entire family - not only easy to prepare, it was also quick, and the most flavorful mahi we have ever had.”  - Kpmboise (Amazon.com)

“Decided to try an elimination diet for my husband, but was nervous that it would be painful. Nothing was farther from the truth. I purchased this book to help guide me and I have found it to be a godsend! Love the recipes and it makes trying to figure out how to do this so easy! It does take more time to prepare recipes than normal, since you aren't using packaged, but I could easily eat like this the rest of my life if I needed to. I believe it will forever change the way I look at food, especially using sugar, grains, etc.”  - Lizzybeth (Amazon.com)

I am now in my second week of the diet and very relieved at how easy it has been (compared to what I thought it would be).  My favorite foods include bread, pasta, cheese, coffee, wine, etc. so I was not looking forward to undertaking this journey. However, I'm now in day 10 and feeling much better. Some of the unexpected benefits of this diet for me have been the opportunity to make and try new meals (I was definitely in a food rut cooking the same meals each week for my family) and a significant increase in the amount of vegetables I'm consuming. I consider myself a healthy eater but was always trying to get more vegetables in the mix.  Your book has helped me to learn about the elimination diet, mentally and logistically prepare for it and has supported my menu planning thus far. I am enjoying the recipes.  Thank you for this resource!”  - Joan Q.

My husband is in pain constantly so we are trying this diet to see if it has any bearing on his health.  What I wanted to comment on is that I was very concerned about trying this diet as I knew it would be radically different than our current diet, but I also thought it would be boring and tasteless.  I bought your cookbook so I would have some direction.  I must say, we are eating fabulously!  I don't miss anything at all so far and could eat like this the rest of my life if it was necessary.  I believe we will add many things back in our diet but I think the way we eat has been forever altered.  We are really enjoying your recipes, and it's given me ideas for spin off recipes of my own.  Thanks so much for putting this together.  I am highly recommending it to my friends.”  - Elizabeth W.

Elimination Diet 101 has opened my eyes to a lot of information about food allergies that I was completely unaware of. It's so easy to read and the way the author gives the advice makes total sense to the average person reading this.”  -Lucy W.

“This book is great! I'm trying to start eliminating trigger foods from my diet, and this book is a great start. It outlines a reasonable schedule for elimination and challenges, and has a great yes/no food chart.”  - Happyfeet (Amazon.com)

My husband and I have been working through you're wonderful elimination diet book. I've had a huge boost to my energy while doing it… Thank you very much for your time, and all of the wonderful recipes we have been enjoying.”  - - - Victoria R.

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